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$120 Billion

That's a lot of money travel agents manage every year to fuel the travel industry.

When it comes to booking travel, travel agents are experienced professionals. Travel agents sell 87 percent of cruises, 81 percent of all tours and packages, 51 percent of all airline tickets, 47 percent of all hotels and 45 percent of all car rentals.

2003 Travel Industry SurveyThere are some things technology cannot replicate, and personal touch is one of them. The travel industry is a relationship business. Travel planning isn't between places ... it's between people.

And, while the Internet is a valuable resource, it cannot replace the value, expertise, convenience and personal service a travel agent provides to their customers.

At a time when travelers are stressed out with hectic schedules, travel agents have all of the information at their fingertips, saving valuable hours of surfing the Web. They are the invaluable link between travelers and their destinations. Agents also can offer insider tips generally based on personal experience. And, perhaps most importantly, travel agents are there for their customers when the unexpected happens. Consumers trust their travel agents and continue to use them when it comes time to book their travel because when planning on when to travel and where to go, a travel agent is your most-trusted source of information and expertise.

If you have a question about travel, seek out an ASTA travel agent.

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