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ASTA Foundation Make a Contribution to Support Education, Research, and Recruitment

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The mission of the ASTA Foundation is "Building the Future of ASTA and the Travel Industry by providing insights, changing perception and recruiting future agents."

The Foundation funded these key products:

Your donations to the Foundation can fund more research, education products, and scholarships.  Please consider donating today to help the Foundation provide tools for success to the travel agent industry. 

As a 501(c)3 donations to the foundation are tax deductible.


Ways to Give

Make a contribution of $50 or more to the ASTA Foundation and we will honor you in ASTA Dateline - ASTA's weekly enews. You can select the category which matches your resources and interests.  

Contributions can also be given in memory of a deceased colleague, to commemorate a special event, or to honor a colleague or employee. The Foundation will send an acknowledgment of your contribution to the person being honored.  

For more information, please contact ASTA at 703.739.2782 Attn Research Dept.  

Planned Giving
The term planned giving refers to charitable gifts that require some planning before they are made. Planned gifts are popular because they can provide valuable tax benefits. This type of gift is very attractive to both the donor and the charity. Planned gifts include bequests, trusts, and contracts between a donor and the ASTA Foundation. For further information, contact the Finance Department at ASTA Headquarters.  

Here are some basic descriptions:        

  • A Bequest is when a donor decides to leave some assets to the Foundation in a will. The donor's estate will receive a charitable estate tax deduction at the death, when the gift is made to charity.           
  • A Charitable Remainder Trust makes payments, either a fixed amount (annuity trust) or a percentage of trust principal (unitrust), to the Foundation. The donor may claim a charitable income tax deduction and may avoid capital gains tax. At the end of the trust term, the Foundation receives whatever amount is left in the trust. Charitable remainder unitrusts provide some flexibility in the distribution of income and thus can be helpful in retirement planning.       
  • A Charitable Lead Trust makes payments to the Foundation for a number of years. At the end of the trust term, the principal goes to heirs named by the donor. The donor may claim a charitable gift tax deduction for making a lead trust gift.  

The tax deductibility of charitable gifts depends on a number of factors. The ASTA Foundation, Inc. strongly encourages each donor to seek the advice of their tax and legal professionals as to the deductibility of any trusts or bequests.  

Special Events

By hosting a special event, you gain publicity for your organization or chapter as well as helping the ASTA Foundation. The events provide a fun vehicle for involving employees, colleagues, and chapter members in a good cause. From a golf tournament to a walk-a-thon to a party, any event you would like to host would benefit the ASTA Foundation. For more information, please contact ASTA at 703.739.2782 Attn Research Dept.

ASTA Foundation Board of Directors

To view the listing of committee members, you will need to log in the web site if you have not done so already. If you are not a paid member of ASTA, please contact the ASTA Foundation for a list of the Board Members.

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