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Niche Travel Specialist Course

Niche TravelWritten by Robin Fetsch, CTC

Focusing on special interest travel and marketing to niche groups is one of the surest ways to make a profit in today’s marketplace, but only if you know the details.

Get the details in the Niche Travel Specialist Course—a comprehensive guide featuring 139 pages of insight and information that explains everything you need to know about selling this lucrative area of travel.

If you want to exceed your sales goals by tapping into the highly successful world of niche travel, then keep your eyes glued to the text below.

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Niche Marketing vs. Specialist Interest

This is two courses in one book, covering both Niche Marketing and Special Interest travel. There is a difference between the two, a difference you can capitalize on twice if you know how.

Niche marketing identifies and targets very specific groups of people. Providing a travel experience that appeals to a certain group can be an extremely valuable asset in the hands of an agent who can effectively market to that group.

Special interest travel is conceived around a specific topic or theme, such as a hobby, activity or cultural subject. Special Interest travel possibilities number in the hundreds, and each one comes complete with passionate prospects ready for the right adventure.

Often times the two overlap, such as when you market a gourmet wine tour (special interest) to mature travelers (niche). By capitalizing on these select markets, you can set yourself apart from your competitors, but only if you know how to do it right.

Why You Should Focus on Niche and Special Interest Travel

According to Robin Fetsch, who’s been in this field for more than 40 years, there are two important benefits to selling niche travel: the Economic Reality and the Personal Reality.

The Economic Reality
Special interest travel is profitable – especially when marketed and packaged wisely by an eager agent ready to raise his or her bottom line.
Consumers who purchase special interest tours are generally more educated and affluent – you can profit handsomely just by helping people pursue their interests with other, like-minded people.
The cost of many special interest tours is greater than the cost of most mainstream tours – diverse activities require an array of plans, guides, lessons and equipment – get high commissions on each.
Clients are willing to pay extra due to perceived value of such a tour – since the tour focuses on their main interests, they are willing to shell out the big bucks. 
Strong relationships with a few tour operators and ground suppliers increase commissions and bonuses – this is where the value of focusing on small piece of the big travel pie really pays off.
Senior travelers rank value and convenience above price. They want value for their dollars just like the rest of us. As a professional travel value provider, you will be rewarded for providing them that value.
The Personal Reality
Specializing on a destination, niche or type of travel provides you with a level of expertise that leads to a strong sense of pride – it’s truly satisfying being able to answer every question a client asks with confidence.
Specialists develop a reputation of professional competence both inside and out of the industry – receive referrals from others based on your expert reputation
You’re more productive as a specialist spending less time on research and planning – there’s no need to look up travel options when you already know them all.
Once you become successful with your niche, travel suppliers actively seek you out – when they come to you, you have the power to negotiate in your favor.

Finding Niche Perfection

By now the way niche travel’s Economic and Personal Realities combine to create a very promising business outlook should have you wondering if this is the right move for you.

Why wonder when you can find out for certain? The Niche Travel Specialist Course has all the answers you’ll need to see that this profitable and enjoyable business strategy is perfect for you.

Covering 139 info-packed pages, ASTA’s Niche Travel Specialist Course is a comprehensive guide that thoroughly and engagingly explores:

The What and Why of Special Interest Travel – the list of special interest possibilities on Page 8 is worth the price alone.
Worldwide Trends that Affect the Travel Industry – if it affects the industry, it affects you too.
Identifying and Pursuing Niche Clients – the more you know about your target audience, the less energy and resources you’ll waste attracting them.
Types of Special Interest Travel – get in-depth information on the entire spectrum of special interest travel, from adventure to ecotourism to historical travel.
Using the Internet to Promote Your Specialty – using technology to your advantage has never been easier.
Designing and Implementing a Marketing Plan – this step-by-step guide helps you develop a creative marketing plan that works
Finding Your Niche – the key is to find an area that is both profitable and appealing to you.

You’ll get all of that plus a course manual, test packet (note: the test and evaluation is no longer available) and professional evaluation to set you on your way to Niche Travel excellence.

So if you want to make a name for yourself as an industry expert while benefiting from the considerable selling power of niche travel, why wait?

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